What You Will Learn During the Program

Thousands of people around the world have already discovered the freedom that comes from understanding their body, the food they eat and how the two are connected. This common-sense approach blended with Eric Edmeades’ behavioural change dynamics created the powerful program that is the WILDFIT 90 Day Challenge.  By the end of the first week you’ll understand how you can be back in charge of your health. 



Anyone can create short-term changes to their eating habits. That’s not what WILDFIT 90 does. This is a system for sustainable health and lifestyle transformation.  

Here’s an overview of what the 13-week process looks like

Week 6 – 10


Based on the WILDFIT philosophy of seasons, Spring is when most participants notice their body weight stabilising. Whether your goal is to gain, release, or maintain your weight, these weeks will guide you to your natural equilibrium.

Week 11

Ease Out of Spring

The WILDFIT methodology is so revolutionary partly because it doesn’t ask you to limit your body to only one way of eating. Our bodies want ebb and flow. This week, you’ll ease out of Deep Spring before…

Week 12

Back into Spring

This week, you’ll transition back into Deep Spring, where your body will be prompted to cleanse and repeat the weight-stabilising process again.

Week 13


This week, you’ll take the reins 100%. You’ll decide which season you want to move forward with, and how to continue making food decisions that are empowering and never restrictive.

7 Things You Should Know About WILDFIT


This is NOT a temporary detox or short-term cleanse. 

WILDFIT is a lifestyle, and WILDFIT 90 is about spending a dedicated period of time easing your body into this new way of living and eating.


You’ll never be hungry. 

You know those programs that try to teach how to endure deprivation? This is not one of those. You’ll be satisfied every single day.


Our exercise requirement = ZERO. 

We would never (never!) encourage anyone to not exercise. However, most people think that exercise is the greatest key to changing their body, but it actually isn’t. It’s almost always about the food you’re eating. That’s why WILDFIT focuses exclusively on nutritional choices and food mindset.

No more “I’ll do it someday.” 

WILDFIT 90 has been intentionally designed as a timed process to help you achieve significant results in 90 days (and in most cases, less!). This program is designed to create change in your life NOW.


We won’t sugarcoat it: This won’t always be easy.

Some changes will feel effortless and others will really challenge you. This is why the community and coaching support are so invaluable. You’ll be supported every step.


There are no special foods to purchase. 

WILDFIT 90 does not ask you to purchase “special foods” or “energy shakes” to complete the journey. All the foods you’ll be eating can be commonly found at your local supermarket.


This is so much more than a nutritional program. 

WILDFIT 90 is also a major personal development journey. You’ll walk away with greater clarity about yourself, why you’ve made the choices you have, and how to create sustainable change in your life (inside and outside the kitchen).

5 Reasons to work

with a WILDFIT Coach


About me

My name is Amanda and I’m in my early 50’s.  Having been through the 90 day program myself and continuing to live a WILDFIT lifestyle, I am finally feeling happy in my body.  My health is in the best place it has been in years, I am at a weight that feels right for me, I have an abundance of energy to be able to do a physical job as well as my WILDFIT coaching and I have plenty of energy to keep fit by pilates, weight training, hiking and playing tennis.  But it hasn’t always been this way….

My personal WILDFIT journey started when I discovered that the low thyroid condition I was diagnosed with, was also actually auto-immune, Hashimoto’s thyroiditis.  This, combined with hitting the menopause and a lifetime of high stress, moderately unhealthy eating, sporadically interspersed with short-term healthy eating, I suddenly found myself experiencing insomnia, heart palpitations, hot flushes, unexplained stomach pain that was so draining I couldn’t work, exhaustion, brain fog, memory loss and generally feeling lost and not like me!

I had watched my father struggle with auto-immune conditions from the age of 50, a similar age to me when I found out about the autoimmune.  He had been diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis, which then led into another auto-immune condition (which tends to happen with auto-immune conditions), and I watched him battle for the last 10 years of his life, in and out of hospital with chest infections and sepsis, and he sadly passed away in hospital, from heart failure in April 2020.

This was a huge wake-up call to me.  I didn’t want that as my future, I wanted to feel well again!  I knew I had to do things differently and I knew it had to start with my diet.

The resistance was huge.  In my head, the questions kept coming up, “why do I have to change my diet, everyone else eats normally“,  “I can’t do it!  I know I’m not strong enough!”  You see, every time I had previously tried to eat healthily, I had eventually failed, I hadn’t managed to maintain it, it was too hard.

So, I decided if I was going to really do this, I needed to find a program that helped me with my nutrition, and also helped me figure out why I reached for the crisps and biscuits when I didn’t really want to!

And that is when I found WILDFIT.

After my 90 day challenge I did some more blood tests and, to my surprise, my thyroid antibodies were back down into the normal range.  In fact, all of my test results were in the good to optimal range and I was now, in fact, over treating my thyroid!  I released 14kgs (over 2 stone) in weight and had energy like I had never experienced before.  And what amazed me the most was the fact that I didn’t find it hard and it was actually fun and enjoyable!

I knew I had to train as a coach as soon as I had the opportunity.  I am also a Lymphoedema Therapist, and body worker with over 20 years experience in the health industry.  I have so many women coming into my practice explaining that they are hardly eating anything and still putting on weight, with WILDFIT I can finally help them.

So here I am.  Loving every minute of it.  Guiding my clients through the 90 day program, watching the physical, mental and emotional changes going on in their lives gives me the biggest reward.  My mission in life is to help as many people as I possibly can, change their health and the trajectory of their lives. 
Eric Edmeades

Meet the founder of WILDFIT


Eric Edmeades spent the earlier part of his life struggling with constant sinus and throat infections, excess weight, acne and chronic fatigue.


His doctors believed that surgically removing his tonsils was the solution, but after talking with some friends, he decided to experiment with changing his diet, so the surgery was cancelled.


Eric is the kind of person who gets an idea and runs with it.  He became fascinated by food’s role in achieving true health.  He wanted to understand why simple dietary changes healed his body - especially when western medicine had spent years telling him that cutting out a part of his body was the only solution.


His research took him to live with bushmen in Africa, where he studied their eating patterns.  He waded through stacks of nutritional data and functional anthropology research.  He devoted years of his life to analysing and testing his theories, and WILDFIT is the culmination of it all.


Without Eric’s passion, the thousands of people whose lives have been changed by WILDFIT would still be struggling with poor health and debilitating diseases.  We are beyond grateful for his commitment to self-healing and above all, living a life of freedom.


When you join WILDFIT you’ll have Eric by your side every step of the way through the well planned and thought out video series.



  • Celenia Delsol
    I battled anal cancer in 2016 and lost about 40 lbs in 4 weeks because I was essentially starving myself (I had no appetite, and when I did eat I couldn't keep it down). Once I entered the recovery phase (after surgery, chemo and radiation that brought me to the brink of death and did a number of my gastrointestinal system), my appetite returned with a vengeance. I ate everything in sight. I put on the 40 lbs. I had lost...and then some. I stood on the scale one day and was horrified into action. I'm so glad the WILDFIT Challenge came into my life when it did. I was truly READY to revamp my body's nutritional intake. I was completely addicted to sugar (hmmm, any correlation to cancer??) and ate whenever I had a "craving", which was about every 2 hours and usually emotionally based. I was probably nutritionally starved even though I was eating all. the. time. WILDFIT turned all of that around. I am never hungry because my body is getting all this rich nutrition now. I feel clean. My digestion is no longer distressed, my skin is glowing, my allergies are still there but I take medication every OTHER day instead of daily now. I am moving intentionally every day, have lost almost 30 lbs., have gone down 2 pants sizes. But the best part is that I FEEL GOOD, I feel alive, I feel as if I've got a few more decades in me now (I'm almost 60). As a cancer survivor, just feeling good is an enormously gratifying outcome.
    Celenia Delsol
  • Flavia Cucos
    I never thought I could one day be free from cravings and perfectly able to be in control of what I choose to eat. And yet, here I am, after only 3 months of the WILDFIT challenge, I'm completely free from cravings and totally in control of what I eat. Chips, bread, fries and pastries were my favourites and I would eat them very frequently...while knowing they weren't good for me. (Don't we all know it!) Today, I don't even consider having these non-functional foods anymore. And that's the beauty of this program: it equips you with the mental skills/tools you need in order to be free from the prison of cravings and food marketing. That's why we can't compare WILDFIT with any other food-centred programme out there. Signing up for WILDFIT is an investment. In your health; in your fitness; in your future.
    Flavia Cucos
  • Alex Acra
    The WILDFIT Challenge has been an outstanding experience. Even though I feel and look amazing, my greatest victory is to have changed my relationship with food and the power I now have to make the right decisions and continue living WILDFIT I've never even considered going for some health and fitness goals because I thought it was way to hard, but going through the Challenge and with the help of all the WILDFIT Coaches it was very easy and pleasurable, so now I’m excited to actually go after goals I once thought were out of reach for me.
    Alex Acra
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